We at Vets at North Rocks have a fantastic group of licensed veterinary technicians working for us. They have received the necessary education and experience to be able to provide veterinary nurse consultations.

Throughout the course of the day, they are accessible for a variety of consultation and treatment processes, including the following: admitting clients; discharging patients; providing post-operative directives; doing follow-up surgical checks, removal of sutures, blood sample, microchipping, changing bandages, nail cutting, administration of medicines, and so on and so forth and lastly treatments for fleas and worms.

Our nurses are trained to undertake a wide variety of tasks, including but not limited to yearly checkups, booster immunizations, wellness assessments, weight and nutrition consultations, and behavior assistance.

Consultations with our veterinary staff are available Monday through Saturday (see opening hours). Every one of our meetings is strictly by appointment only, although we will do everything in our power to accommodate actual medical crises. We are adaptable when it comes to dealing with more difficult instances, several dogs, or euthanasia’s, but the normal session lasts for fifteen minutes. We have three separate consultation rooms available (and an optional fourth if needed). Each one is completely computerized, equipped with air conditioning, and designed to make you and your pet feel at ease while you consult with one of our veterinarians. The main consultation rooms opens immediately onto our treatment area, which serves as the clinic’s primary focal point for patient care and activity.