To gather medical images and identify both common and rare disorders in dog, cats and other domesticated animals, our imaging service is cutting-edge equipment and our staff knowledgeable.

Ultrasounds and radiograph including dental radiograph are just some of the modern imaging modalities we employ. Additionally, our clinic features a diagnostic laboratory that is able to give patients up-to-date lab findings for faster diagnoses. Because of this, we are able to rapidly assess a patient’s condition and begin providing the right treatment.

Our capacity to reliably identify, cure, and manage injuries and diseases in horses and other animals has been completely transformed by recent advancements in diagnostic imaging technology. Although imaging methods such as radiographs, laparoscopy, and ultrasound have been considered “normal” for a considerable amount of time, the advent of the digital era has significantly enhanced image quality, which in turn has made correct diagnosis much easier.

In order to deliver diagnostic imaging that is both precise and up to date, the veterinarians at our clinic make use of technology that is considered “sophisticated.” We offer evaluations to veterinarians who send images by email or virtually, and we analyse images for all animals in the hospital as well. As a team, we collaborate with the clinic’s other vets to increase accuracy in the diagnosing of disease severity, and the course of the illness.