Most pets are loving, caring, friendly and oftentimes amusing members of the family, that you get to choose. You get unconditional love from your pets, all they want in return is to be loved and taken care of. It is important for your pet’s health to take them to the vet regularly.

Why are health checks so important

Animals can not tell us when something is wrong. There are potential signs when something is wrong but you cannot always tell. That is one reason that regular check ups are so important. It is better to be proactive. Taking your pet to the vet regularly for a health check is the best way to prevent, detect or treat illness before it is too late.

Let’s have a look to see how a full health examination can help your pet stay as healthy and comfortable as possible.

  • Early detection – the biggest benefit of regular visits to the vet, just for a check up is the early detection of any illness. Small changes in animal behaviour might seem insignificant to you, but our vets have the skill and expertise to know if it is a potential problem or not. In the event of the vet finding a problem, early treatment is the best hope for a good outcome. The veterinarian will suggest treatment, and the treatment comes in many different forms, from surgery to diet change and a long list inbetween.
  • Preventative measures or treatment – There are viruses that dogs and cats are susceptible to. Vets administer vaccines to stop your pet from getting the viruses. Vaccination schedules are set up to make sure your pet stays up to date. Ticks and fleas are parasites that attach themselves to your pet, and drink their blood. These parasites carry other diseases, which can be prevented with a parasite treatment program. The parasite treatment includes deworming to prevent health complications caused by worms. Weight management is an important part of preventative treatment. Your pet’s weight and size is tracked and if there are any concerns a diet can be put in place immediately.
  • Checks to remember – during the regular check ups there are a few standard checks that your vet will do, these are very important checks for the overall health of your pet. Our skilled vet carries out a thorough examination. They check the ears for infection or parasites and the eyes to monitor vision and eye health. The vet checks the teeth and gums for overall oral health. They check the internal organs with stethoscopes and physical manipulations. Dogs, cats and other pets have their skin and coat looked at, the skin and coat sometimes give important clues to your pets health.

Overall Health

We want our pets to be with us for a long time to come. We want them to be healthy and happy during the time they are with us. That is why Vets at North Rocks is the perfect choice for your pet health. Our Vets work with you to find a schedule for regular health checks and the necessary vaccinations and parasite prevention.

Our skilled vets take notes and track your pet’s overall health. The vet keeps notes to help keep track of your pet’s health. Information from this assessment helps keep your pet healthy, and helps avoid serious illness. People schedule check ups, or go to the doctor when they start feeling unwell, your pet cannot tell you when they start feeling unwell. That is why going annually to the vet and making sure that everything is in order is so important. There are times when you will have to make unscheduled vet trips but it is essential to keep vaccinations, tick and flea and worm treatments up to date.