Desexing dogs is important if you do not plan to breed them. Its a common operation we perform often. Its easy to book in and on the morning of the planned day, dogs can be dropped off and picked up in the afternoon. We will provide you with some instructions about limited food and water for 24hrs before the operation. After the procedure is over, a staff member will get in touch to schedule your pick-up. The dog will receive an anaesthetic during the process, so it won’t even be aware that it’s being operated on. A saline infusion is used  during the procedure and should the dog show discomfort additional take-home pain medications are available but mostly this isn’t needed.

These are some reasons why you should desex your dog:

  • The procedure of desexing your dogs will be beneficial to both yourself and your dog in a variety of ways that you might not have previously realized.
  • It lessens the likelihood of aggressive territorial behavior, which can result in injuries and infections that require medical attention from a veterinarian.
  • It helps limit the temptation that your dog has to roam the roads in search of a mate, which is helpful because many dogs are at risk of being involved in vehicle accidents when they do this.
  • It decreases the likelihood of uninvited males entering your land in search of your female when she is in heat.
  • Males are less likely to engage in behaviors such as humping and urine marking as a result, and females won’t be able to reproduce since they won’t go into season. Urine from male dogs often has a milder odour than that of female canines after desexing.
  • Prevents fake pregnancies in females.
  • It prevents unneeded broods of pups or kittens from being born.