If for some reason your pet should ever go missing, having them microchipped can spare you the agony of looking for them at local animal shelters and pounds. A microchip has the same dimensions as a particle of wheat and is implanted subcutaneously beneath the skin of your pet. It is possible to do this procedure either during a routine check-up, during the sterilization procedure for your pet or a specific appointment for microchipping.

The most reliable and long-lasting method of identifying your animal companion is the microchip, which has a number that is specific to them alone. Make sure that your veterinary clinic enters this information into the New Zealand Companion Animal Register, which is a nationwide computerized database, so that it may be checked to assist in the recovery of lost pets. In the event that the identity of an animal is contested, a microchip may also be of assistance.

A microchip detector may read a pet’s distinctive identification information if it is ever misplaced and turned in to a veterinarian facility or veterinary shelter. This is done by passing the scanners over the animal’s body. The local animal shelter or veterinarian can then conduct a check of the nationwide database to locate the owner ‘s names, location, and cell phone number. This will allow the pet and its owner to be reconciled.

The use of a microchip is to permanently identify your pet. The process of implanting a microchip is comparable to being vaccinated; it just requires a few seconds. The implantation is relatively low risk, and your pet will have very little discomfort as a result of it. When you’re finished, the information on your pet, together with your contact information and cell phone number, will be recorded into our New Zealand’s national registry. The main incentive to have your pet microchipped is the greater probability that you’ll receive your pet back if it gets misplaced or abducted. Remember to keep your information up to date to ensure you can be contacted.

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