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Desexing Discount & Free Puppy/Kitten Checks

Changes due to COVID-19

Overdue Vaccination? 40% discount for Vax Amnesty Month!

August is Dental Month at Vets at North Rocks!

Free health check for new puppies and kittens

Due to the recent boom in puppy and kitten adoptions we are wanting to help as much as possible and provide the best of care for your pets during this time. We are offering FREE health checks for your new furry member to ensure they are healthy and off to the best start possible.

Please call our friendly staff to book in now on 9873 1660.

Desexing Discount – 50% off!

We have seen a large number people adopting new puppies and kittens into their families and households during the COVID-19 period. Our staff understand how stressful this time is and we want to ensure everyone is able to provide the best care for their new pets.

For this reason we are discounting our desexing cost by 50% for the month of June 2020 (Terms and Conditions apply - see below).

By desexing your pet, you decrease the impact on our pounds and shelters all throughout Australia as they see hundreds of thousands of pets euthanised as a result of over production of litters. It also has many health benefits for your pet - decreasing the chances of life threatening cancers and potential infections. Undesexed animals are prone to escapism to try to find a mate and could potentially injure themselves due to misadventure. Desexing will also help to curb territorial behaviour in your pet

Please feel free to call or contact us below should you have further questions about our promos!

FREE health checks for your new puppy or kitten!

50% discount for Desexing your new pet in June 2020!

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Thank you for your continued support and understanding during these uncertain times. In order to comply with the Government's mandated practice of social distancing and to implement comprehensive sanitation protocols, please note the following changes.

  • Consultations are from 8am - 7pm on weekdays, 9am - 1pm on Saturdays, and 9am - 12pm on Sundays.
  • Consultations are by appointment only. Please call prior to coming if your pet needs veterinary attention unexpectedly
  • Only ONE person is to accompany the pet for the consultation or admission. Whilst within the clinic please abide to the social distancing rule (1.5m from each person). Hand sanitiser is availble for you to use.
  • Please ring the doorbell when you arrive at the premise and wait for a staff member to attend to you
  • Payment by card or direct debit only for this period. We are not accepting cash for now
  • Requests for food or medications should be done over the phone. Payments can be processed over the phone.

If you are unable to leave children at home (which we do understand is a difficult request) we are more than happy to retrieve your pet/s from your car for their appointment and return them to you afterwards while you wait with your children in the car.

Vets are also able to provide a more in depth understanding of consultations regarding more complicated consultations (e.g. skin, allergies etc.) via email or over the phone.

Veterinary services have been listed as essential services and we will continue to be open during the COVID-19 restriction period. However we have put in place some new regulations to keep you, your pet and our staff safe and healthy. Click here for more information

Please do not attend the practice if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19 (sore throat, temperature, coughing, or shortness of breath), if you are in isolation or if you have returned from overseas in the last 14 days or if you are a close contact of a known person positive for COVID-19.

If you are in need of medical care for your pet but are unable to leave home because of the aforementioned reasons please call us at 9873 1660 and we will do our best to assist you.

Has your pet missed their booster by 6 months or more? 

If the answer is ‘yes’ then you and your pet can take advantage of our Vaccination Amnesty Month. 

What is a Vaccination Amnesty? 

Vets @ North Rocks routinely sends out reminders for your pet’s annual booster but we appreciate that they can arrive at busy times andsometimes they get missed. 

In light of the recent outbreaks of deadly canine leptospirosis and feline panleukopaenia in Sydney, we want to ensure our patients are up to date with current and effective vaccines.

We are offering a huge 40% off the initial and booster vaccines for the following:

Feline F3 (Feline Panleukopaenia, Feline Rhinotracheitis Virus and Feline Calicivirus) and

Canine C7 (Canine Parvovirus, Canine Distemper, Canine Infectious Hepatitis, B. bronchiseptica, C. parainfluenza, Coronavirus and Leptospirosis).

This equates to a saving of up to $115 over two appointments! 

Why are boosters required?

The initial vaccines given to your pets as puppies/kittens provide them with protection against these potentially fatal diseases. It is a common misconception by pet owners that once your pet has had their initial vaccines that they will be covered for life. This is not the case as over time,protection wanes and booster vaccinations are required to keep immunity levels up. 

Your pet will receive a full health check by our Vets during the visit to ensure that your pet stays healthy. It is also an opportunity for you as a pet owner to raise any concerns you may have regarding your pet. 

Why does my pet need to restart the course again?

When your pet was a puppy or kitten, they should have been vaccinated at least twice with an interval of 2-4 weeks between injections.These injections were required to ensure a full immune response to all components of the vaccine. If your pet did not return for an annual booster after this, or if you leave it longer than 18 months, they may no longer be adequately protected and a course of two vaccines is needed to restore sufficient immunity.

40% Discount for Feline F3 and Canine C7 (initial and booster vaccine)

Save up to $115 over 2 appointments!

Offer available in March 2020 only. Terms and Conditions apply

Click here for more info

Starting to notice your pet's breath? Are his or her teeth looking yellow or brown? Its time to check those chompers!

Vets @ North Rocks is running Pet Dental Month throughout August to raise awareness of pet dental problems, prevention and treatment options.

80% of cats and dogs over the age of three years have some degree of dental disease. If left unchecked, the degree of dental disease becomes more severe with age.

As a result, your pet may experience tooth loss and painful infections within the mouth and jaw bone. Bacteria from chronic infection in the mouth can also enter the blood stream and affect your pet’s heart, liver or spleen.

For the month of August* we are offering the following promotions for your furry friend


+ Professional Teeth Scale and Polish for $250* (Normally $504 - SAVE 50%) This includes a general anaesthetic, dental radiographs and a complete scale and polish

+ 30% off dental related treatments/procedures ie teeth extractions

Call us on 9873 1660 to book your appointment today!

Offers only valid until from Aug 1-31 2020

* Terms and conditions apply, see below

- This offer is for animals between 5-12months of age at time of desexing - Desexing costs differ between species type and gender type, please contact us to enquire further - Take home pain relief, e collars and intravenous fluids are all INCLUSIVE in the discounted price - Dogs over 20kg will incur a $50 surcharge due to extra time in surgery - Animals must be healthy, any other medical condition will incur a consultation and medication at RRP if necessary and no discount can be extended to medication or to consultations - Vaccinations, flea treatments and intestinal worming must be up to date before coming into the clinic. If no vaccination evidence can be provided, a vaccine will need to be administered and charged at RRP on the day of desexing - If clear signs of parasites are noted on the animal, a topical treatment will be administered and charged at RRP

Not applicable

To be eligible for this Vaccination Amnesty initiative, cats and dogs will be overdue for their vaccination by at least six months and must be at least 18 months old. This offer is only available throughout March 2020.

You can make an appointment online or contact us at 02 9873 1660 to speak to one of our friendly staff.‍

The Scale & Polish is performed under general anaesthesia. The special pricing applies to patients who do not require any tooth extractions. Intravenous fluids and a pre-anaesthetic blood test is available at additional cost. Your pet will be assessed and a treatment protocol recommended on a case by case basis. The $250 Scale and Polish promotion is only valid from 1.8.2020 until 31.8.2020 and this offer may not be combined with any other sale, promotion, discount, code or coupon.

Join our Dental Club

- It's FREE to join!

- Receive ongoing advice on how to maintain your pets dental health

- FREE six-monthly dental health checks

- 10% off dental products

Don't miss out on Dental Month specials this August! Call us at 9873 1660 or contact us below.

We look forward to seeing you and your furry friends!

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